GNT is the global market leader in Colouring Foods and a trusted partner to the food and beverage industry. 
We provide vibrant colour shades with our EXBERRY® Colouring Foods, which can be used in a wide range of applications including beverages, confectionery and dairy products, to name just a few. The possibilities are almost limitless.
Our Nutrifood® products, providing the concentrated goodness from fruit and vegetables, can be used to enhance product characteristics such as taste, appearance and nutritional value in many applications.

When it comes to enhancing colour naturally, more and more industry professionals are choosing EXBERRY® Colouring Foods. EXBERRY® products are made from fruits, vegetables and edible plants – and utilise no artificial additives or organic solvents in their processing. EXBERRY® is easy to use, highly stable and offers you a virtually unlimited range of brilliant colour shades to choose from. EXBERRY® Colouring Foods can be consumed directly and safely at any point of the production process and can be declared as ingredients on the label – not additives. They are the clean label way of creating the vibrant and colourful foods that your customers desire.

Based on over 30 years of experience in processing fruits and vegetables, we have also developed Nutrifood® fruit and vegetable concentrates: the innovative clean-label solution to add a nutritional and sensory value to your food products.



GNT offers products on a natural basis I can wholeheartedly support.”

Sabrina Wengler
Marketing Communication Coordinator
GNT Europa GmbH

The GNT products I work with on a daily basis are so easy to use and natural  I can also use when I cook at home.”

Dominik Maurer
R & D Department
GNT Europa GmbH

Despite all processes and machines running every day, in the end it is all about organization and the role of people within our organization. That is what makes GNT to what it is today and will become in the future.”

Carlo Meulendijks
Quality Manager
GNT International B.V.


Our Values: Growing Knowledge for Growing Colours

At GNT, we see it as our mission to be a pioneer and primary contributor to the overall improvement of functional and colouring foods. With a dedicated team of people and with great tenacity we work on a continuous product development, improving our current product portfolio and developing new products. By empowering individual employees, we have created a loyal and dedicated team. Together we work on the company’s overall vision to have clean labels on all

foods around the world.
A philosophy shared by all employees working for continued innovation, expert support and first-class customer service around the world. Since our formation in 1978, our over 30 years of experience in growing colours have helped us to become the worldwide market leader in Colouring Foods, providing the limitless number of vibrant colour shades that your consumers desire.


As an independent, family-owned company, the GNT Group is focused on long-term success and sustainable development.



We are continually aware of our responsibility towards our customers, suppliers and employees as well as the consumers of our products and the environment. These considerations guide our every decision.


We are a global leader in driving innovation in the selection and use of raw materials as well as in developing and improving process and application technology, in order to consistently present smart and mature solutions to our customers.

Colouring Foods
since 1978

Founded in 1978 GNT is an independent, family-owned company. 
Being far ahead of its time, GNT started out in the garage of our founder in Aachen and initially grew with two locations, one in Mierlo and one in Aachen, Germany. This was long before anybody was thinking about clean labels. By the turn of the new century, our production capacities were fully utilised and plans for expansion were developed. Our new production facility in Heinsberg, Germany, was completed in 2009. Growing global health consciousness worked as a catalyst for the further growth of GNT, as a common understanding regarding the importance of ingredients and labelling grew with both, consumers and producers. Having pioneered the field of Colouring Foods, more than 30 years of experience and continued innovation have made GNT's EXBERRY® the clear market leader in Colouring Foods.

Today and Tomorrow

With two production facilities and currently ten strategically placed locations, GNT is servicing nearly 100 countries worldwide. Each of our locations has application laboratories to provide our clients with local knowledge and technical support.


Additionally we offer our clients centrally based regulatory support. This way we make sure that we can service our clients to our best capabilities today and in the future.


Maintaining a global presence from our offices worldwide ensures that GNT can offer expert support and first-class customer service locally, driving innovation and development towards tailor-made solutions for your colouring needs.

Due to our sourcing and processing capabilities, including detailed quality measures along the entire supply chain, you can rely on our ability to provide continuous and constant quality with our EXBERRY® Colouring Foods.