What Are Colouring Foods?

Colouring Foods are food ingredients used for colouring purposes. GNT’s EXBERRY® products are made from fruits, vegetables and edible plants. During our processing the product remains a food and can even be consumed at any stage of the production process!

The growing trend in the food industry, led by consumer demand for more natural products, continues to drive the success of Colouring Foods. In a world where consumers demand brilliant and colourful foods as well as clean label products free from additive colours, EXBERRY® Colouring Foods provide the solution.

GNT's EXBERRY® Colouring Foods offer a full range of colours for a wide variety of applications that perfectly fit consumer expectations for colouring made out of easily recognisable, natural raw materials. EXBERRY® Colouring Foods are produced from fruits, vegetables and edible plants, using physical processes. As no synthetic additives or organic solvents are used, EXBERRY® Colouring Foods perfectly support a clean label strategy.




I like the fact that our products offer such an abundance of colours and are healthy too!”

Roberto Pauselli
Strategic Product Development
GNT Europa GmbH


As we ship our products around the whole world, my work is very varied and exciting.”

Monika Moeller
Sample Coordinator
GNT Europa GmbH


Raw Materials
Everything Starts with the Right Choice of Seeds

Obtaining the Colours

A Rainbow of Colours

Colouring Foods
Produced from Fruits, Vegetables and edible Plants

Colours from Nature

Produced from Nature

We produce Colouring Foods from fruits, vegetables and edible plants, using only physical techniques or traditional food preparation processes, with water as processing media - without using any organic solvents or synthetic additives.

Naturally Colourful

We work with nature's produce, carefully selecting seeds and crops to reliably deliver a full range of colours.


Naturally Safe

We provide colours that are foods in their own right and are thus inherently safe.


Naturally Well Done

We control the entire supply chain from farm to factory to ensure the highest possible quality.


Colouring Foods

Learn how EXBERRY® Colouring Foods can provide you with vibrant colour shades while supporting your clean label strategy.

Individual Solutions

Learn how we can help you with developing tailor-made solutions for your applications and regulatory needs.

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