EXBERRY® is the world's best-selling Colouring Foods brand. With more than 400 different shades the colourful concentrates cover nearly all hues of the rainbow and provide the largest colour range on the market. For nearly every food category the desired nuance and intensity can be achieved. EXBERRY® is produced by GNT Group, the pioneer and global innovation leader in Colouring Foods, founded in Aachen (Germany) in 1978.

The EXBERRY® products are made exclusively from fruit, vegetables and edible plants, which are processed solely with gentle physical methods such as pressing, chopping and filtering. Artificial additives are not used. The concentrates are edible at all stages of production. By using them, manufacturers can meet the globally increasing demand of consumers for attractive but natural foods and beverages. In addition, EXBERRY® concentrates are suitable for the production of vegetarian, kosher as well as halal products and are also available in organic quality.

Wide Range of Applications

Thanks to their high stability, EXBERRY® products, which are suitable for water-, fat- and oil-based recipes, are used in a wide variety of food. The scope of applications ranges from confectionery, snacks, dairy and bakery products to ice cream, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

EXBERRY® concentrates are used by about 1,200 food and drink manufacturers from nearly 70 countries – including seven of the ten biggest food and beverage manufacturers in the world. Over 25 billion servings of food per year are already coloured with GNT concentrates. Thanks to consumers’ constantly increasing health consciousness and new legal regulations, GNT expects that in the long term Colouring Foods will become the industry standard.

Year-Round Supply Availability

To ensure the highest level of quality and transparency, GNT controls the entire value chain – from the selection of the seeds to the final concentrates. EXBERRY® products are manufactured exclusively at the GNT facilities in Mierlo (The Netherlands) and Heinsberg (Germany). About 80 percent of the used raw materials are cultivated within a 200 kilometre radius of the production sites. The cultivation and harvesting are monitored by GNT’s own agricultural engineers. Due to the strict control of the supply chain and the development of innovative processing technologies, GNT can guarantee delivery capacity and quality of its EXBERRY® concentrates independent of season and harvest.



GNT is an international company supplying customers around the world. To meet the expectations of our customers and the market GNT is certified by the following, international recognized third party certifications:

ISO 9001

GNT is certified by ISO 9001 since 1996. The international recognized standard includes several important stakeholder benefits. It is the basis for the continuous improvement process of the GNT Group.

FSSC 22000:2011

Since 2013 GNT is certified by FSSC 22000. The standard provides a framework for effectively managing GNT´s food safety responsibilities and demonstrates a robust Food Safety Management System.

IFS Food

In 2007 GNT acquired the IFS Food certification. Thereby GNT ensures comparability and transparency in terms of quality and food safety throughout its entire supply chain.

Safety and Quality

‚Colouring food with food’ is our philosophy. This also means that GNT has set high standards when it comes to quality and safety issues. This allows us to create the highest degree of trust for food manufacturing companies around the globe. 




Integrated Management System

A quality driven supply chain management ensures consistent product performance and safety. As we control the entire supply chain from field to factory, this starts with our raw materials and it ends with fully approved EXBERRY® Colouring Foods.

Regulatory Compliance

GNT's EXBERRY® Colouring Foods and Nutrifood® products are fully compliant with the European food legislation. They are considered as ingredients and not as additives. This allows a clear declaration for supporting your clean label strategy.

Innovation and Cooperation

We are continuously innovating, working with our customers around the world to ensure that we can meet the demands of your production processes quickly and reliably. This results in tailor-made solutions that meet the highest quality standards, helping you to fully meet your customer’s requirements.


Complete control over the entire supply chain ensures full traceability, transparency and intervention options from farm to fork. Our product documentation provides comprehensive information on product properties, including processed raw materials.


Our expertise and our complete control of the manufacturing process guarantees that EXBERRY® is easy to use, highly stable and offers you an amazingly wide range of vibrant colour shades to choose from, available 365 days a year.


Taking into account that there is a worldwide growing interest in food complying with specific dietary and ethnic requirements we offer a range of EXBERRY® Colouring Foods suitable for organic, vegetarian or vegan diets as well as for Kosher and Halal requirements.

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