Today's consumers demand vibrant colour shades as well as clean label products free from additives. GNT's EXBERRY® Colouring Foods are concentrates produced from fruits, vegetables and edible plants, using physical processes and no synthetic additives or organic solvents. EXBERRY® perfectly supports a clean label strategy.

Colouring Food with Food

GNT's EXBERRY® Colouring Foods offer a full range of colour shades for a wide variety of applications including beverages, confectionery, dairy products and many more. Our full control of the production process from farm to factory guarantees superior quality and constant availability of all colours and shades. Because they are made from fruits, vegetables and edible plants using only physical techniques and traditional food preparation processes, EXBERRY® Colouring Foods are considered as food ingredients with colouring properties. They are edible at any point of the production process. 
EXBERRY® Colouring Foods give you access to a full range of vibrant colour shades that perfectly fit consumer expectations for natural colouring made out of easily recognisable raw materials.


No Chemicals, No Preservatives

Produced from Nature

We produce Colouring Foods from fruits, vegetables and edible plants, using only physical techniques and traditional food preparation processes.

Naturally Stable

Our carefully selected fruit and vegetables and sophisticated production processes deliver naturally stable and easy to use Colouring Foods.

Naturally Safe

We provide colours that are foods in their own right and thus are inherently safe.


Frequently asked Questions

Enjoy Colourful Foods and Beverages

Colour remains an important factor in consumers' perception of food – for we as humans associate colour with taste. Yet consumers are also becoming increasingly wary of additives or E numbers in their food or beverages. EXBERRY® Colouring Foods are the perfect way to provide colourful foods and beverages. Colouring Foods are ingredients, not additives, so they perfectly complement your clean label strategy.

Will the colour of my product be as brilliant as with colour additives?

EXBERRY® concentrates provide brilliant colours for your products, even though they are manufactured from fruits and vegetables. Try our Colour Selector to see a choice of applications and order a colour sample to evaluate.

Is EXBERRY® suitable for ethnic or other specific diets?


EXBERRY® Colouring Foods are made from fruits, vegetables and edible plants, without the use of any raw materials of animal origin. This means they are suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets and they are also suitable for halal and kosher requirements.

Do EXBERRY® Colouring Foods remain Colouring Foods according to the EU Guidance Notes

on the classification of food extracts/concentrates with colouring properties?
Yes. EXBERRY® products are manufactured from fruits, vegetables and edible plants, using only physical processes. No organic solvents are used. The process is considered as a non-selective extraction based on the criteria of the Guidance Notes.

Is EXBERRY® stable in my end product?

Colouring Foods are generally very stable with regard to heat, light and acidity. They are suitable for almost all food and drink categories and last throughout the typical shelf-life.

How do I declare EXBERRY® on the ingredients list?

GNT recommends that EXBERRY® products are labelled on the ingredient list of the final product within the EU as: Colouring Food (concentrate of “name of the raw materials”), e.g. Colouring Food (concentrate of carrot, cherry...).

Is EXBERRY® organic?

If you are looking for a colouring solution that you can use in organic foods, GNT offers a special line of EXBERRY® products designed specifically to be used in organic applications.

Is EXBERRY® a liquid or a powder?

Most EXBERRY® is a liquid however we also have a full colour range of powder solutions.


With more than 35 years of experience, we know what our customers need. this is why the EXBERRY® range offers next to its standards, sub-ranges for specific and demanding application categories, such like Baby Food or oil-dispersible products.

EXBERRY® Micronised Powders

Discover our new EXBERRY® Micronised Powders and find out why they are ideal for your dry product mixes.


Get more information on our EXBERRY® OD range - specially created for oil-dispersible products.

EXBERRY® Savoury Range

Make your savoury products naturally attractive by using colours created entirely from vegetables and edible plants. Our new savoury range of EXBERRY® Colouring Foods has all the shades you need. 

Colour Selector

EXBERRY® Colouring Foods offer a full range of colours for a wide variety of applications. Try our Colour Selector to find out more.

Individual Solutions

Learn how we can help you with developing tailor-made solutions for your applications and regulatory needs.

Any Questions?

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