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Working at GNT

Founded in 1978 in Aachen, Germany, GNT has always remained a family run business with a focus on raw material innovation, cutting-edge processing technology and application know-how. A devotion to providing its customers with the highest quality ingredients and solutions has always been GNT’s driving force. 

Critical to GNT’s continued success has been a belief that people, GNT’s dedicated staff, are our most valuable asset.  GNT’s strives to offer not just jobs, but long-term careers that cultivate dedication, hard work, and most importantly, innovation that we can bring to our customers.  Long-term investment in people has resulted in a thriving and happy working environment, one where individuals can feel empowered and proud of the company and wholesome products they deliver to consumers. All GNT employees are offered competitive compensation and benefit packages.

Now headquartered in Mierlo, The Netherlands, GNT continues to offer innovative and versatile solutions that are crucial to the global food and beverage industry.  The GNT Group operates worldwide with various facilities around the globe including: Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Brazil and the United States. 

Our roles

We have a wide range of roles within GNT worldwide. Depending on your background, experience and professional goals, GNT may have the ideal position for you. Feel free to apply at hrm[at]gnt-group[dot]com.




I like the team atmosphere in our company. My job brings me something new every day. I like this variety.”

Uwe Bauer
Research & Development
GNT Europa GmbH

Over the years I have seen the company grow to what it became today. My old job is now done by several people. My job keeps changing without changing position. What else do you want?”

Vincent van Rijssel
Senior Engineering Manager
GNT International B.V.

GNT is a diamond in the rough. It is my job to make it shine in Poland.”

Jacek Meszka
Managing Director
GNT Polska Customer Service Sp. z o.o.


Employee well-being

As a family run company, we take care of our own family of employees by offering well-being programs.  We are dedicated to helping our employees around the world with their ever changing health and safety needs.  With an understanding of individual needs, we try to offer programs that fit individuals or groups whenever possible.


Training and Development

We take training and development very seriously, tailoring it to suit individual needs and job requirements.  At GNT you don’t just get a job, you get a career.  Whatever your role or experience, we will bring you up to speed and help you to carry out your job to the best of your abilities. Depending on your position, we run a range of programs including: established management development programs, customized technical training, technical sales training programs and on-the-job mentor training with our experienced and knowledgeable staff.


Together, we try
to develop an attractive benefits package that fits your needs.  Our benefits and compensation packages are all based on local law and practice.


Our selection process

Hiring is very much about getting to know each other.  After the initial online application where you state your motivation and include a CV, there will be a series of interviews with the responsible manager or HR person, followed-up by interviews with a team leader or co-worker.  The goal is to have an open forum to discuss the challenges, responsibilities and potential for the position.  This approach helps GNT find the most ideal candidates for long-term employment.



Here is a list of all current job vacancies.

  • IT Support Engineer (M/V, fulltime)
  • Anwendungstechniker / Application Technologist (w/m) in Vollzeit
  • Medewerker Sales & Order Processing (M/V, fulltime)
  • Technical Applications (M/F, fulltime)